What is Inovest?

Inovest is an innovative Albanian company focused on business development. Our focus is on building, hotel and tourism and asset management. Human resources are the core of our success by bringing together the best professionals in the market with international and domestic experience.

In consultation we team up with business staff to identify problems, analyze opportunities and present the solution plan.

In the construction sector we are process subcontractors by becoming a partner in achieving the objectives and returning investment.

Real Estate continues to be one of the industry's leading investment forms in Albania. Our clients pass in advance to a market, property, legal and legal consulting process and have the option to choose between a large database of properties.

Hotel-tourism is among the sectors with high development priorities and numerous opportunities in Albania, but as a sector there are many problems. Innovation through coordination of a number of processes aims at improving the quality of hotel service and increasing the number of nights sold.

Facility management and asset management aim at enhancing the quality of life in the community. With ready-to-work groups in 24 hours, with well-defined structures, our Administration Unit maintains every element of common property at competitive prices.

Our clients are handled by a group of experts with many years of experience in the relevant sectors, providing you with a wide range of knowledge. In our partner group are well-known public and private institutions in the Albanian market.

The motto that drives our work is "Your Business Partner" ...