Tourism development affects the development of the real estate sector

Albania is recognized as a country with many natural potentials which are translated into development opportunities. Reality today shows that these natural resources are not exploited to generate the necessary development. One of the key areas for development opportunities is tourism. In our country, there is mainly coast development, while mountainous, cultural and historical tourism, despite the potential, do not have a history of development.

Tourism, apart from affecting the development of areas and services, also affects the development of the real estate sector in the respective cities.

With the development of tourist operators, improving the quality of services and increasing staff capacity, new ways of investing in real estate, including investments from foreign buyers, are opened.

Investment in real estate in tourist areas is considered as a good form of return on investment and increased investment value. Finally, we note a tendency of Albanian buyers to invest in properties in tourist areas for investment purposes, where the rate of return on investment in a year is much higher than the interest rate on bank deposits.

Not only Albanians but also foreigners are seeing Albania as a good investment opportunity where taxes are low, cheap living standards compared to their income, beautiful nature and high returns on investment.

In the Inovest tourism sector there are integrated structures in hotel management coupled with increased standard and property management to ensure buyers that their investment will be maintained, the value will increase over the years and will have a safe investment return.